Below, you will find the main contact details, including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for the school.  Alternatively, you can use the contact forms below.


School Address:

Kings Rise Academy
Hornsey Road
B44 0JL


Principal: Mrs L. Noonan

Tel: 0121 4644635

For general enquiries, or to report a child's absence, please speak to Mrs Crosbee or Mrs lay.  If you have a safeguarding concern, please speak to Mrs Noonan, Mrs Dooley,  Mrs Somers, Mrs Geraty or Mrs Brookes. 


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Access to School

All visitors should use the main entrance, located on Hornsey Road to gain access to the site between 9:05am and 3:00pm.  There is an intercom system in place to gain access into the school.  We have disabled access to the building via ramps and there are allocated disabled parking spaces in the staff car park, should these be required by visitors. 

Aside from disabled visitors or parents, please note that parents are not permitted to use the staff car park.

Contact Form

Please complete the form below in as much detail as possible so we can deal with your comments efficiently and effectively. It is essential that you put your name and contact details so we can respond to your comments. If these details are not given then the comment will be disregarded. We will attempt to reply to your comments as soon as possible, ideally within 48hrs.

Absence Form

Please complete this absence form or contact the school on 0121 675 4038 or via email to report an absence.