Our School

Mission Statement

Kings Rise Academy provides a personalised and holistic education, delivered through partnership, enabling and challenging everyone involved to recognise their achievements and build on their own unique strengths.


Our Aims:

To work with parents, carers and all our partners to achieve the best outcomes for each child and young person so that...  

  • Everyone learns how to be safe and everyone feels safe in school and their community
  • Everyone learns how to be healthy and to make healthy choices
  • Everyone learns and achieves through personalised and enjoyable activities
  • Everyone has the opportunity to have their voices heard, to be respected and valued in all their communities.
  • Everyone learns how to participate in making their life choices that lead to economic security.

On our journey together, we work to achieve this by…

  • Motivating all to learn through relevant personalised   and fun activities in a safe and caring environment,
  • Building on everyone’s self-esteem, empowering all to become valued citizens, with everyone’s contribution to society respected,
  • Ensuring equity within an inclusive setting,
  • Partnership with parents and carers, partner services and the community.


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