Outdoor Education

At Kings Rise, we value the use of outdoor education to help develop pupils knowledge and understanding.  Below, you will find information regarding some of the outdoor education opportunities provided at school.

Year 5 and 6 Farm Visit

Pupils from the federated schools visited the Lower Treginnis Farms for City School Children Site in Late November.  Pupils spent five days on this Westerly Welsh farmstead, which dates back to 1284.  At Lower Treginnis, Farms for City Children works in partnership with organic farmer Rob Davies, who keeps 850 sheep and a small herd of Hereford X calves on the surrounding land. In addition the children help look after poultry, horses, donkeys, milking goats and a breeding herd of pigs.  During their five day stay, pupils also spent time exploring St Davids and learning the diversity of the local area.

The Brighouse Centre

Classes visiting the Brighouse Centre will spend the majority of a school day at this location. Here they will explore the local environment as well as carry out team challenges, focusing on problem solving and collaboration.