A Hero of Kings Rise...



Mr Freddie Fineron began working as a teacher at Kings Rise on the 24th August 1936, back when the school was known as Peckham Road. Whilst working as a teacher, Mr Fineron completed annual training as a member of His Majesty’s Supplementary Reserve of Officers in preparation for his eventual call to join the force in WW2. In July 1943, Freddie Fineron sadly lost his life in action whilst in Sicily.  

Recently, our school discovered all about the amazing story of our local war hero, Freddie Fineron. In honour of him, we wish to have a plaque put up in our playground where we, as a community, can come together and celebrate the life of our teacher and war hero, Freddie Fineron

To make this happen, we need to raise at least £120 for the plaque. We are asking for you to donate as little as £1.00 via the parent pay app, all donations will be greatly appreciated and we look forward (when safe to do so) to holding a celebration in honour of the plaque, our community and, of course, Mr Fineron.

Thank you. 


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