A Day at Kings Rise

Kings Rise staff will be on the playground from approximately 8:35am each day. Doors open at 8.45am and will be closed promptly at 8.55am for registration. Children arriving after doors have closed will need to be registered by their parent/carer at the main office.


See more information about a typical day in each of our phases below:

Nursery and Reception

8.45am - Doors open

8:55am -Registration

9:00am -Morning Lessons

11.30am - Break

11:45am - Morning Lessons

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Afternoon Lessons

3:05pm - End of Day Dismissal


Pupils in Nursery and Reception will also have sessions outside and snack/drink time.  

Year 1,  Year 2 and Year 3

8.45am -Doors open

8:55am -Registration/Arithmetic

9:15am  -Maths

10.15am -Break

10.30am - English

11.30am -Break (Wake and Shake)

11.45am  -Reading/Handwriting

12:45pm -Lunch

1.30pm -Afternoon Lessons

3:15pm -End of Day Dismissal

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

8.45am -Doors open

8:55am -Registration/Arithmetic

9:15am -Maths

10.30am -Break

10.45 -English

12:00pm -Lunch

12.45pm -Register/Afternoon Lessons

3:15pm -End of Day Dismissal

Parent / Teacher Meetings

Whilst staff will make every effort to meet with parents when playground doors open, in order to ensure that you have sufficient time to carry out your discussion, we ask that parents request a meeting with staff via making an appointment at the school office.