Year 6 Transition


Dear year 6, 


This year has been a strange year and although we didn’t get to finish it the way we would have liked to, we have the memories we made along the way to treasure forever. It was great working with you all during the time we had together. Make sure you keep in touch as we will have one day next year, once we can, where we have you all back for the end of year celebration that we haven’t been able to have. 


For some of you September may be a daunting thought and for some of you, you probably can’t wait! However you feel about it, remember to make the most out of the opportunities you have ahead of you. It will give you chances and opportunities we could never have offered you - so grasp them while you can. You are all brilliant and capable of achieving great things, we’ve seen that this year! Make sure you don’t throw that away!


Over the summer holidays, have a look at the transition booklet Mrs Dixon has made for you, coming from secondary school teaching there are a lot of useful and important tips for you to read and remember. Then, make sure you take this booklet with you on your first day at your new school, teachers may ask to see it and you can use it to tell people all about you. The links on this page will give you information about and from your new school, information and tips from BBC Bitesize and help on travelling to and from your new school. 


Remember - you are all amazing, we have missed you and we wish you all the best on your new adventure!


With love from, 


Mrs Dixon, Miss Dawes and Mrs Holder.

Useful Website Links

Travelling to and from your new school

Travelling Safely on bus (social distancing)

Travelling Safely on Metro (social distancing)         

Getting through train stations (social distancing)