All staff at Kings Rise take the safety of our pupils very seriously.

On this page you will find information regarding E-Safety, how it is taught in school and how you can help at home.

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E-Safety Tip Of The Week...

 Discover the Internet together


Be the one to introduce your child to the internet. For both parent and child, it is an advantage to discover the internet together. Try to find websites that are exciting and fun so that together you achieve a positive attitude to internet exploration. This could make it easier to share both positive and negative experiences in the future.


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What is E-Safety?


‘E-Safety’ is a term used to describe how we keep children safe when they are using any kind of technology, including the Internet, mobile phones and computer games.  Children join Kings Rise as 'tech literate' from a very early age, but it is important to remember that adults are  'life literate' – and just because children may be more confident than some adults in using the internet, children still need adult involvement, advice and support.  

New technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in today’s society, both within school and in their lives outside school.  The internet and other digital information and communication technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. These technologies can stimulate discussion, promote creativity and stimulate awareness of context to promote effective learning.  Young people should have an entitlement to safe internet access at all times.


Who is Responsible for E-Safety?

‘E-safety' is a high priority for the school, and forms part of the safeguarding practices in school.  Every school must have a designated 'E-safety Officer'. 


At Kings Rise,  Mrs Noonan, Mrs Cruse and Miss Kausar are the E-Safety Leaders and any concerns regarding the misuse of technology should be reported to them.  

Mrs Noonan

Mrs Cruse


Miss Kausar


How is E-Safety Taught at Kings Rise?


Our school ensures that:

  • Pupils are responsible users and stay safe while using the internet and other communications technologies for educational, personal and recreational use.
  • School ICT systems and users are protected from accidental or deliberate misuse that could put the security of the systems and users at risk.
  • Parents and carers are aware of the importance of e-safety and are involved in the education and guidance of young people with regard to their online behaviour.
  • Pupils will have good access to ICT to enhance their learning and will, in return, expect the pupils to agree to be responsible users.

Staff at Kings Rise use the 'National Online Safety' units to teach the objectives on the Primary Computing curriculum.  E-safety is embedded throughout these units, and staff are also able to expand on this by linking with other outside agencies / companies.  

How do we prevent access to specific content?

With online activities becoming increasingly popular, it is important that we educate the pupils in the use of online apps and activities.  RM provide the internet connection for the academy, and apply filters to prevent access to specific content at school.  School staff screen the content used within lessons and pupils are only able to access online material when supervised by an adult. 


Useful Links and Items

Click on the links below to find out more information about safeguarding and e-safety.  You can also download two documents which support parents with online safety.